The Clubhouse is the focal point of activity at NILO. Originally a small farmhouse, the building now serves as a warm and friendly place for guests to prepare for the upcoming hunt, gather for meals and relax and talk after a day in the field with gun and dog.
When guests first arrive at NILO, they're helped with their gear and escorted to the locker and gun storage area to change. Each hunter is issued an orange hunting vest and cap and is given a chance to size up and select his guns for the day. Guests may bring their own guns - but NILO offers a superb selection of Winchester and Browning over-and-under and automatic shotguns.

After changing, the guests assemble in the clubroom upstairs for issuance of an Illinois hunting license. They also use this time to get to know their guides and the members of their hunting party over a steaming hot cup of coffee.

Before or after the hunt, a casual inspection of the Clubroom and adjoining veranda will reveal much about the decades of success and popularity of Nilo. Every foot of available wall space is adorned with awards, mementos and photographs of the people, dogs and events that help to create the NILO heritage.

Not to be forgotten is the famous family-style fare served up at the Clubhouse table. NILO's full-time cook always keeps the guests happy with such hearty delights as pheasant pot-pie or country fried chicken served with all the fixin's.

Before leaving NILO, every guest is presented with a variety box of frozen, dressed and packaged birds and a copy of favorite NILO game bird recipes. We feel that's the best way to end a day at NILO FARMS: with enough game for a week and memories to last a lifetime.

NILO FARMS 15025 Highway 111 Brighton, IL 62012