Clay target shooting
is another important part of the NILO experience. Every guest - no matter how much time he's had in the blind or field - appreciates the opportunity to warm up the swing and sharpen the eye by powdering some clay.

Our hunting guides also make good use of the time spent on the range. A few hours of observation gives them a chance to qualify the skill each guest has with a gun. It's also the best place to review field hunting safety and make suggestions on how to lead the target and follow-through.

Guests at the NILO Clay Target Range can select from a variety of fast-paced, skill sharpening games. In addition to the traditional competition of smoking 25 out of 25 straight clays in Trap or Skeet, NILO offers two unique adaptations to these traditional clay target shooting games: Riverside Skeet and the infamous Crazy Quail.

Riverside Skeet is a 25 shot game played from five consecutive stations. One bird is thrown from the left, one from the right, a random target and then a pair from each station. To make the sport more interesting, the shooter must have his gun "at ready" when calling for the target.

Crazy Quail is another NILO specialty. The shooter stands in one spot about 22 yards behind the trap. On his command, a target is thrown randomly by the trap operator in any one of 360 degrees. The operator is stationed below ground level and the shooter has no knowledge - or control - of the next target's direction. Needless to say, if you powder ten out of ten, your name gets posted on a very short and prestigious roster back at the Clubhouse!

NILO also offers guests two exciting Sporting Clays games. Sporting Clays - often referred to as "golf with a shotgun" - give shooters the opportunity to test their skills under a variety of diverse shooting conditions. NILO's Ten Station Sporting Clays course - located throughout a wide variety of open and wooded environments - serves up targets in realistic and unique fashions. With names like "Springing Teals," "Darting Doves," and "Whistling Woodies," you better be ready for fun-filled and fast-paced action.

NILO also has a convenient Five Stand Sporting set-up. Located on the Riverside Skeet Field, this game also offers guests all the shooting challenges of a Sporting Clays course - without the walk!

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