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The NILO Clubhouse is the preserve’s social center. Come on inside – enjoy a cup of warm coffee, shed your street clothes and get into hunting & shooting gear. Let’s go!
Our peerless labs are more than happy to retrieve your ducks. And do so again, and again…and again.
Well trained and physically conditioned labs will work hard to locate and flush chukar and pheasant.
Conservation is key at NILO – native grasses and cover crops lead to the finest in upland hunting. We invite you to experience it.
Attitude is everything – NILO’s labs, both yellow and black, aim to please and do just that.
Come to NILO for a round of trap, skeet, sporting clays or 5-stand. Want to test your skills? Give our riverside skeet or our 40-foot tower a go. Not enough yet? Try your luck at our infamous crazy quail.
Memories are made to last a lifetime at NILO. Chase pheasant and chukar behind sleek Labradors trained to find, flush and retrieve. Here, days afield are filled with birds, good shots and plenty of laughter.
Hits…misses – who cares. It’s all about fun and comradery at NILO. Shoot some clays with us just for the fun of it. Say “pull” when you are ready - the clay birds will keep coming.
In addition to ringneck pheasant, NILO offers chukar. This challenging, erratic-flying gamebird will test the shooting skills of any upland hunter.
Our professional and helpful guides will make your day at NILO one to remember. They’ll become fast-friends, so make sure to come back and hunt with them real soon.
The interior of NILO’s Clubhouse is both warm and inviting. A wonderful place to relax before the hunt and swap lies after. Its walls are lined with photos and plaques that tell the story of the farm and its rich history.
Come and get it! If your day at NILO includes lunch, you will not be disappointed. The menu includes home-fried chicken, our delectable pheasant pot pie, fresh salad, select vegetables and, of course, a tempting dessert.
NILO - sitting on a bench
The challenging and unique sporting clays course at NILO offers a test of skill for both novice and advanced shooters. Grab your friends, your shotgun and some ammo and join us for a day of clay bird shooting at its best.
NILO - grab the AAs
Do not worry about running out of ammunition, we have plenty for you. Plus, if you'd like to use NILO club guns, we offer Winchester over & under and semi-automatic shotguns.
Rooster…rooster! Pheasant is king at NILO and there are plenty of them on the property. These raucous birds will thrill both new and experienced hunter alike. Plus, they are great table-fare…ask us about our special recipes.
Pull! If you are an experienced clay target shooter or new to the sport, come to NILO with your friends or as a destination for your next corporate outing. We offer instruction for new enthusiasts and occasionally host local shooting tournaments – give us a call to set something up for you.