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Game birds are the core of hunting at NILO.

John Olin’s goal for his private preserve was a testing ground for practical, hunting-based methods of conservation. Hunters from the public now have a variety of birds to pursue through various hunting packages. The main attraction is undoubtedly pheasants. Ringneck hunting is done in properly managed fields behind close-quartering labs, springers, and pointers promising the challenge and excitement of unannounced flushes. Even more challenging may be chukar. Chukar offer pheasant-like flushes with erratic flying like quail.  With chukar, you can see the beauty of working labs, springers, and pointers. While hunting upland birds, groups are kept small and have their own exclusive section of the farm to hunt.  This allows for an experience remembered as the very best days afield.  While chukar are challenging, ducks may be the most difficult to bag.  The ducks consists of flighted mallards presented to shooters located in blinds, hidden by natural cover and designed to ensure the safety of hunters, guides, and dogs. Only two guns per blind, ducks pass by at 40 mph-plus from over the top of surrounding trees, and sustained shooting persists until limits are filled. A hunter may get no more than two to three seconds to fire their shots. 

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